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Ohara Koson

One of the most prominent Japanese print designers of the 20th century, Ohara Koson (1877–1945) was a Japanese artist prominent in the Shin-hanga (new prints) art movement that revitalized traditional Japanese ukiyo-e, or woodblock prints, rooted in the 17th-19th century. He started training in painting and design and came to produce ukiyo-e episodes of the Russo-Japanese War, but most of his production was prints of birds-and-flowers (kachō-e).

Like many of his contemporaries, Ohara used multiple pseudonyms throughout his career, each correlating to a different period or style. He worked at first with publishers under the name “Ohara Koson,” but later on working with another publisher he differentiated this period of his work by signing his work Shōson. Ohara's work was exhibited abroad, and his prints sold well, particularly in the United States.

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