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Shane +  Kevin

Shane + Kevin

SHANE + KEVIN is a collaboration between Shane Neufeld and Kevin Kunstadt.

Shane Neufeld (b. 1982, New York, NY) is an artist and architect living and working in Brooklyn, New

York. He received his BA in Fine Arts from Amherst College in 2004, where he studied painting and literature, and Masters degree from the Yale School of Architecture. Neufeld’s work is cross-disciplinary. Since 2009, he has worked in both fields, contributing architecturally to the built environment while simultaneously forging a career in the arts. Neufeld’s projects have been exhibited at Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York City and Alpha Gallery in Boston, among others. His work has been published in the New York Times, Harper’s, CLOG, and a number of online publications including ArchDaily and SuckerPUNCH. His architectural projects include an Urban Farm located in Manhattan’s Battery Park, as well as RAMPed Up, a USGBC National Competition Winner for an affordable house located in New Orleans. He has participated on a number of projects and competitions spanning from urbanism, residential, commercial as well as institutional architecture. He currently runs his own architectural practice and teaches at New Jersey School of Technology as an adjunct professor in the School of Architecture.

Kevin Kunstadt (b. 1982, New York, NY) is an American photographer who lives and works in Brooklyn, NY. He received his BA in Visual Art from Brown University in 2004. Kunstadt's work has been exhibited at Jeff Bailey Gallery in New York City, GE World Headquarters, and Smith College among others. His work has been published in National Geographic, on TIME.COM, and in countless print and online publications including in AI-AP's American Photography 27. He also served as the co-founder and co-director of K&K Gallery in Brooklyn, NY for several years, with a focus on promoting the work of young and un-established photographers in the New York City area, and from around the world.

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