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Stephen Beveridge

Stephen Beveridge

Stephen Beveridge is an internationally-exhibited, Scottish-born artist living in New York City.

He has had over 100 exhibitions of his art including solo exhibitions in New York City at Columbia College, Work of Art Gallery, and Artspace OSA. Stephen is a contributing member of New York Artists Equity and The American Society of Contemporary Artists and was awarded a New York State Fine Art award at an event in Albany.

His paintings consist of large abstract works of acrylic and collage on canvas as well as smaller works on paper. Stephen is co-founder of the collaborative group Aequitas with a focus on new media art.

Artists Statement

Engaged in the creative process, or for that matter anything that gets me out of my head and alters my perception of the flow of time, I feel more alive and worthwhile than just about any other time. The artifacts of these moments hold the ability to remind me of the transcendent state and even initiate a recurrence. It is my hope that these artifacts trigger the same state of mind in the viewer.