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Vasilisa Forbes

Vasilisa Forbes

Working in photography and mixed media collage, London-based artist Vasilisa Forbes explores contemporary and historical intersections of popular culture, social consciousness, and the implications of a rapidly expanding digital landscape. Drawing equally from personal experiences, artistic collaboration, mechanical reproduction and new media culture, many of her works have a visceral impact on the viewer. At times dark and monochrome, Forbes’ technique employs the use of both traditional processes and modern digital technologies to create a bold and colorful sensory experience that encapsulates the age of the Internet.

By facilitating an encounter with opposing media, textured surfaces and installation her work toys with the viewer by exaggerating the dimensions of the commonly flat, two-dimensional, freestanding photographic image. From this vantage point, Forbes’ photographs exist not as a final product, but rather as objects and experiences in their own right that explore the photographic process as a tool for visualization. Experimentation, sensation, and the uncanny emerge as central modes in a hybrid practice that seeks to re-work relationships between fiction and document, the physical and virtual, contemporary photography and the ability to communicate through visual associations. Her body of work has also been known to question the relationship between high concept art, product photography, and fine art commercialism in the modern age.

Forbes’ work has been exhibited and published internationally. She has been listed for the Aesthetica Arts Prize, shortlisted for the Debut Contemporary Artist Awards and the Bar-Tur Award, and is a Sony World Photography Awards Commended and Shortlisted Photographer. Forbes self-published a photography book entitled ‘In Silence Are Shadows’ at a young age which was promoted by Dazed Digital and Vision China. Her work has been selected by curators of the BALTIC Contemporary Art Centre, the Barbican and the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain (Paris).

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